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Modernizing your software,
so that daily workflows function like a clockwork.


// Processing:

»The use of software to collect, store, organize, and use information.«   

// Experts:

»Our commitment for excellence in software development«

we connect // ideas.

You know the problem – –

Less and less time, software that is annoying, you are constantly searching.

In other words, software slows down your productivity.

We modernize your software and solve the issues.

That’s what we are doing:
    •  Implement processes efficiently and easily applicable in intuitive software
    •  Getting innovative ideas up and running, with high benefits
    •  Connecting isolated software solutions
    Make it easy and useful – eliminate complicated things from your working environment.

Wir lösen // die IT-Bremse

Individual software solutions, 

align workflows and user guidance

  • Experience from 12 years of projects for large international companies
  • Experienced team of developers and long-term partners with diverse qualifications in user interfaces + databases + interfaces + operating systems
  • Expertise in developing stable software for data processing

Workflow Automation

Integrate Legacy Software

Connect External Systems

Access from Everywhere –

Web & Mobile

Long time experience and quality management

Continuously tested 

quality management according to 

ISO 9001:2015

Member of Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V.

Does your Software help//

Or do you help your Software?

We do something about it, and release the digital bottlenecks!

Let’s find out together what ideas exist and how we can realize it!

Our experienced team is facing this challenge every day.

September, 2020: Project Developer Team Rolls-Royce

Projektteam RollsRoyce 2018-2020

We are curious -//

Describe your situation, 

or simply let’s get in contact!

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We are reachable from 10am – 5pm 
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